In the hospitality industry, the best room is in the key holder's mind. It is true that travellers often want the best hotel suite at affordable rates. However, finding the best deals is not as straightforward as many travellers think. Thousands of travellers and guests are looking for the same deals at any time; therefore, you must uncover the little secrets avid travellers know about getting the best hotel suites. Read on to discover tips for getting the best hotel suites affordably.

Be Deliberate with Your Booking Days — One strategy that avid travellers use when looking for the best hotel deals is choosing their days carefully. Notably, most business travellers prefer high-grade suites and book them during the week. Therefore, it might be difficult for hotel staff to change or upgrade rooms for guests during this time. However, most business travellers leave their hotels as the weekend approaches, making some of the best rooms available to holiday guests. In this regard, you can ask hotel staff to reserve a better room should it become available on the weekends. Since it is in the nature of hospitality professionals to make guests as comfortable as possible, you could be lucky.

Check-in Early — Another strategy that works when seeking the best hotel suites is checking in early. Most travellers are unaware of the strategy despite its effectiveness. For instance, if you are supposed to check in at 3 PM, you do not have to wait until this time because most check-outs in hotels happen during morning hours. Some of the high-grade rooms might not have been booked the previous night, and checking in early allows you enough time to enquire whether better suites are available even if current guests have not checked out. You are less likely to get a better room if you strictly follow check-in times.

Avoid Discount Travel Sites — Discount travel sites take advantage of bulk bookings to negotiate reduced fees for guests. However, while discount travel sites help you save money, you become less visible to a hotel. Thus, it becomes challenging to enrol in loyalty programs run by hotels for frequent guests. It is advisable to book directly with hotels since most do not mind matching the rates advertised by discount travel sites. After all, hotels would prefer to book a guest directly rather than share a commission with booking companies.

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